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Two Enrollment Options

#1 Theory Course and Clinical Practicum

If you’re a registered nurse who is a legal resident of North Carolina, who has had a lapsed or inactive license from any of the fifty states for five or more years, and want to return to nursing in North Carolina, you must enroll in Option 1.

Prior to enrolling in Option 1, you must establish your eligibility at a NC AHEC office (see How to Register for additional information). Upon successful completion of both parts of Option 1, you will be eligible to apply for reinstatement of your nursing license in North Carolina.

If you have an active NC license but have not worked in a few years, Option 1 may be your best choice because it provides the current clinical experience that many clinical agencies require for employment.

Continuing Education Units: The theory course is approved for 140 contact hours, which is equivalent to 14 continuing education units (CEUS). Successful completion of the clinical practicum provides an additional 140 hours (14 CEUS).



Option One

#2 Theory Course Only

If you’re a registered nurse who wishes to review, expand, or update your knowledge base in the field of medical-surgical nursing, you may choose to enroll in the Theory Course alone. This option is intended for registered nurses who have been practicing during the past five years and desire to update their knowledge of medical-surgical nursing, but do not need a supervised clinical experience.

Nurses who plan to change practice areas, such as from nursing administration to direct patient care, may also benefit from Option 2.

Residence in North Carolina is not required. This option does not satisfy licensure reactivation requirements in North Carolina; however, it can be used to meet continuing competency requirements.

Option Two

How to Register